In today’s world, where consuming became a way of life, I refuse to believe that objects have only a short time life, and made to be thrown away after been used a few times. I refuse to be part of the massive waste, and believe in the beauty of a long term relation between a product and its user.

According to my philosophy, and the respect i carry for traditions and ancient know-how, the materials used in the elaboration of my work are entirely natural, - and Handcrafted with love and an obsession for details, leading to excellency and designed to last for life.

All the way from the selection of leathers, threads, dyes, to the packaging and tools i am using, every aspect of my work is a proof of my faith in sustainability, and is coming together to achieve a high quality unique object i can be proud to stamp my brand on.

A long research in old documents, military manuals, papers on ethnographic techniques, materials and old models form the base of the products that can be found in TexuCrafts : resistant handiwork made to last and withstand heavy usage. 

All the materials I use are natural and of european or american origin, as much as possible from small family businesses or manufacturers. 
They have been selected for the natural aspect and processing they’ve been through before landing in my hands, and most of all for their sturdiness.

All the leather products are sewn by hand, following the famous « saddle stitch » method. A really long process, impossible to imitate or overcome by a sewing machine, - and resulting in a stronger and more flexible product that will last for life.

Once all previously named steps of the elaboration have been taken, time has come for edging, polishing, waxing, posing of the closure, stamping, and finally pack.
Texu Crafts

Berlin - (Germany)
(VAT Registration. Ust. ID.:DE279804790)

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