Camper Pocket Knife Carbon steel XC75

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The TexuCrafts selected pocket knife is a classic style pocket knife.
Of artisan production, manufactured and Developed by the by Cutlery Forester, from Albacete, Spain.
The 88 mm long blade is made of high-quality carbon steel XC75* and with locked.
The handle are made of Black TRF, Horn, Cocobolo wood  or Birch wood.

Material handle: Black TRF, Horn, Cocobolo, Birch

Type of steel: Carbon Steel XC75

Blade height: 23 mm

Blade length: 88 mm

Blade thickness: 23,7 mm

Total length: 195 mm

Knives made of XC75 carbon steel are characterized by the fact that they are very easy to sharpen. This is advantageous when a knife is used very frequently. However, carbon steel is a steel that oxidizes. This means that the blade gets a patina over time and turns grey.

An XC75 carbon steel contains 0.75% carbon. The care of knives made of carbon steel is more complicated than the care of stainless steel knives. It is therefore, often pointed out that the knives are more suitable for experienced users. These carbon steels have been used in knife production for centuries and are superior to many modern types of steel in the disciplines of sharpenability and cutting durability.

So if you decide on a knife made of carbon steel, you should pay attention to regarding care.

The most important care instruction is to clean and dry the knife thoroughly each time immediately after use. This ensures that the original patina is retained for a long time and rust deposits are avoided.
Even with excellent care, your own patina will develop after a few years. This is not a bad thing and is one of the characteristics of a carbon steel knife. Many users love this special look, which is only achieved after several years of use.

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