Lined Biker Wallet - S

864,00 zł PLN

The Lined Biker Wallet has three cards slots on the front and behind one large enough to carry 3 or 4 cards, two compartments with flap, And two more full size behind with other more small.

This wallet has an inner lining on the back cover and all the edges, inside and outside, polished and waxed by hand.

With the purchase of this wallet, an automatic 30% discount will be activated for a Safety Chain of your choice.

This is the smallest version out of two available sizes. Size aproximate: 13cm x 9,5cm x 2cm (5.12 x 3.74 x 0.78 inch)

It is of vegetable tanned leather by european tanneries construction, there are no cloth or plastic parts.

Hand Made 100% Made in Germany

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