Blackeing Brass Swelled West End buckle belt

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Quality belts, with British solid brass buckles. Hand stitched, beveled and waxed edges.

Made from approx. 4mm (10oz) quality Spanish Bridle Butt Leather, 38mm (1 1/2") width. These will ship with protect wax included.

Seven holes.

Please remember, you can always wear a belt that's too long, but can never make it longer if it's too short! At the very least cross check that the size your order is approx. your genuine trouser size + 5cm (2 in).

Please remember to write me the size you want for the belt when placing your order.

Read about determining your belt size. 

It's entirely saddle stitched by hand with strong linen thread and should last a long time. There are no machine sewn seams to wear out here! 
Hand Made 100% Made in Germany
Delivery time: 3 - 10 days

Belts cannot be returned. Contact me if you need additional help determining your size.

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